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The current mood of chille420@aol.com at www.imood.com
The current mood of chille420@aol.com at www.imood.com
Betting on losers is always a good way to lose
Shimbrah! Shimbrah. NO! Shimbrah! Shimbrah?
Mood:: Eh

Music:: None, all is quiet, my tired eyes see figures jotted down, and clothes all strewn around the bedroom floor...

Talking to:: Kelly and Bri

Yo. Looking to my right, on the screen I see an awesome ad..."Trust In Democracy, Let Nader Debate" says the ad. Rawk.

Since last entry, I've basically just been busy school clothes shopping. Got some funky-cool (I stole Cynthia's word there, but I have been a lot lately cause it's the best way to describe my new clothes ^_^) clothes. Used clothing stores are superior. Great way to find cheap, often one-of-a-kind clothes. Lovin' the one-of-a-kindness. Let's see, here's the run down of my new school clothes (as if you care)::

*A pair of brown khakis from Crossroads (a used clothing store in Seattle)
* A pair of cool, vertically striped, shades of blue and greenish brown and maybe cream, pants from Crossroads.
*Pair of rather plain black pants from Zumiez.
*Pair of grey with very light pink pinstripes, pants form the ol' Walmart.
*A pair of AWESOME...well I think they're supposed to be capri's but I'm kinda short so on me they're more like highwaters...they have a white base but they have red, like....faces and people and stuff all over them. The people look like Marilyn Monroe, I think it's a beauty pageant...I'm not sure. From the Buffalo Exchange, a new/used clothing store in the good ol' Emerald City (that's Seattle, not Oz)
*A SUPER-COOL long-sleeved t-shirt from Buffalo Exchange. I can't even really describe it. It's very strange, very cool, very bright. It also has people on it. It's awesome.
*A Zelda t-shirt from Hot Topic that has all the weapons from the game on it and says "Don't make me go Zelda on you"...genius!
*A light blue COOKIE MONSTER t-shirt!! From WalMart.
*A black GUMBY t-shirt! On the front it says "Twisted" and then on the back it has a picture of Gumby all twisted up. I love Gumby =). I got it at Ross!
*A black GHOSTBUSTERS t-shirt. Just has a ghost crossed out on the front and says ghostbusters. Another Ross.
*A grey FLINSTONES t-shirt from Ross.
*A light blue t-shirt that says "Hello, I love you" on the front. Bonus points if you knew that those were song lyrics. Double points if you knew it was by the Doors. I got it at Ross along with the other shirts, but I can't FIND it right now, which sucks.
*I made a shirt! On the front it says "All roads lead to Rivers" and on the back it says "Cuomo" in big letters. Bonus points if you can figure out what the hell I mean by that.

Aaannd that's it I think. Except for socks and things I wont mention, as they are cleverly called "unmentionables".

I know I shouldn't shop at WalMart...they're especially bad to their workers. But when you're there with your mom who doesnt care about that, and youve been shopping all day with no luck whatsoever and you find something thats cheap and you actually LIKE, theres not much of a choice.


Scorch is gone. Just tally it up as another disappeared cat -_-. I'm so sick of it.

However we got a new cat today. Some people at my mom's job are moving and can't keep him so we took him. He's 5 or 6, all black, and came named as Stormy. (Clever name for a black cat, huh? *rolls eyes*). But he is HUUUUGGGEEE. I'm talking mucho grande. 16 pounds, honestly. Biggest housecat I've ever seen. But really sweet and affectionate. Hopefully once he and Pearl get used to eachother he will be a nice addition to the household.

I miss El Scorcho though. ='(

I'm going to Bumbershoot this weekend! Gonna see my Benny. So excited. Going all four days. Most excited to see Ben. So excited. *Radiates lethal amounts of Ben-love* Yay for Ben Kweller! Yay for Bumbershoot! Yay for Cindy for cleaning her room so I could go (don't ask)!

Well it's almost school (5 days) and I have to go to schedule pickup/pictures tomarrow. Bummer man. Still need to figure out what to wear. New school clothes or clothes from last year? Cause I mean it's not the first real day and I'll only see some people. But whatever it's not that big of a deal. But it is picture day. So I'll pick out a flattering top. Or something. I dunno, it's 4:17am. Ha three mins til 420. But I have to get up at like 7 -_-. I know I should try to sleep but I don't feel like it, nor do I feel that I could if I tried.

I still need to get the jacket that I want (It's a black Zelda track jacket), and the shoes (Converse All-Stars that say "peace" in all different languages on them...or maybe the John Lennon ones..I just don't like that the JL ones are off-white. I prefer the black of the peace ones. And they're both cool. OH! And I really want to go to the bowling alley and see if I can buy a pair of their rental shoes, cause they rawk hard and ive been wanting to for like 2 years now), and probably some school supplies...I dunno, it's 4:24 am. And I missed 420. And so did you. For shame.

Saw DeLovely. It was alright. I could think of worse ways to spend a couple hours.

But it was no Napoleon Dynamite! =-D

Mood:: I caught you a delicious bass.

Talking to:: Cindy cindy cindy

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Leave this lonely life behind forever and ever
Get in the car, close my eyes, and drive real fast
Mood:: Wow it's been a while

Music:: Dogs Die In Hot Cars ==> Song:: I love You 'Cause I Have To

TV:: Boiling Points

Whoa buddies! It's been for freakin ever! I don't know why I haven't updated, there's something seriously wrong with me. If I were Catholic, I would repent. No doubt, no doubt. It's a crime, a sin, and you probably don't care. So on with the entry! ENTRY..HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well since it's now 8/19/04, and I haven't written since a few weeks before school ended....I have a lot to catch you all up on.

Maybe I wont!

I didnt mean that, I'm sorry.

I'm just gonna give you the big things though. Not the run down of each individual day. That would suck. For both of us.

I guess the first thing I should mention is that I finally managed to get my first boyfriend, Alex. Granted, we only went out for 6 days, and he dumped me on the last day of school, saying he wanted to be single, then was going out with another girl within a couple days after that, who he's still going out with. Buuut none-the-less, I got him for that brief period, and it COUNTS DAMNIT! So yes, I got my first boyfriend, my first kiss...etc. We don't need to go any farther than that. Heh. ANyways. It's been a couple months now since we broke up, and we were able to remain friends, which I'm really thankful for, because he's a really good friend of mine, and I didn't want to lose that over a stupid six day relationship. I mean, come on, any guy weird enough to date me must be quite the geek. And you all know how I love the geeks.

I guess that would be the biggest piece of news. Other than that, let's see...

I got jaw surgery. Yup. I had a little bit of an overbite, so my lower jaw was moved forward, so my bite aligns now. I was stuck in bed for a little while, but I'm better now. The orthodontist, jaw surgeon, and everyone says it was the best recovery and overall procedure they've seen in YEARS. W00t! I'm really ahead of where I should be for how wide I can open my mouth. It's only been 6 weeks and I'm already almost back to my original range of motion. I could open my mouth 58mm before the surgery, and I'm already back to 50mm. I'm sposed to be back to like 35. w00t!

I went to Montana for 4 or 5 days for Yearly Meeting. It's a Quaker thing. Yes, I was raised partially Quaker, though I consider myself Atheist. But I agree with a lot of Quaker values (there is good in everyone, no war, no violence, basically hippy stuff), and the meeting is a blast. I saw lots of friends I hadn't seen in a year, so that was awesome. And I brought Cindy along with me, so that made it even more fun.

Other than that I've just been hanging around the house, lazing around, playing video games, sleeping in, summer vacation in a nutshell. Bought "Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life" for Gamecube, and that's lotsa fun. Kinda too easy though...next time I wont use cheats ^_^. Haha I also bought "Pokemon Snap" for N64 because it was only 3 bucks. COME ON, 3 BUCKS! I don't care if it's Pokemon, that's a bargain! A video game is a video game. I did beat it in one night though, haha. Fun while it lasted though. I have to say though...I caught 'em all. I caught 'em all.

Ahhhh Paper Mario for Gamecube comes out on Oct. 11th, I have to get it. I LOVE Paper Mario! Such an awesome game! *Saves up money*

And I have to get the new Zelda on GCN when it comes out too. It looks awesome. Realistic graphics this time. That's gonna please a lot of people. Myself included. It's gonna ra=w=k.

Speaking of ra=w=k, the new Weezer album should be out sometime around the new year. Only a few more months! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!! Honestly that will be one of the best days of my life. At least 10 more Weezer songs to rock to. Yesssssssssssssss.

Seen some awesome movies since last entry. Most notably Napoleon Dynamite. It is HILARIOUS, one of my favorite movies, and I reccomend it to you all. Go see! And I also sawwww........Farenheit 911! Bush gets what he deserves! Mwaha! Well he deserves worse, but it's a start. If you haven't seen it, do so, it's very important. Be informed!.........The Corporation, because you should know what all these major corps are doing! Bad stuff!...........Super Size Me, because McDonalds is BAD FOR YOU! (NEWS FLASH!)............Bukowski: Born Into This, because of Modest Mouse's song, Bukowski. That's why I wanted to see it. It was alright, interesting. A documentary........Garden State! AWESOME! Very different, very good. And Zach Braff is so painfully gorgeous he's hard to watch. Rawr!!!...............What The @#$% Do We Know?! Very, very, very cool. Reeeallly interesting. It's about Quantam Physics...........That's all I can think of right now, but I reccomend them all, they're really good, You should see them. But they're pretty much all indie films, so you'll prolly have to go to an arthouse theater to see them. Worth it though! Haha oh yeah, and I've seen Napoleon Dynamite 3 times, and plan on seeing it at least once more. Pretty cool, eh? Haha. GO SEE IT!

Wellllllllllllllllllllllllll.........I guess that's it, basically. I'll write again sometime before another 3 months pass. Buh bye for now.

=w= WEEZ ON!!!! =w=

Mood:: Mmm Weezer

Music:: Weezer ===> Song:: Lullabye For Wayne


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I think it could be so good
I can't believe I ate the whooollle thing!
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Open up my heart & then they all just let me down
eat sweet = sour banana
Mood:: Confused

Music:: Sonic Youth ===> Song:: Kool Thing

Talking to:: Leif

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday. Ok a couple of things...

I'm getting kittens! 2 of them! My brother's girlfriend Fiani's cat had kittens. They're about 4 and a half weeks old, so I have to wait a week and a half to get them. But Fiani brought them over with their mom Mischa and I got to see them, SO CUTE! There was four white ones and three dark grey. 3/4 of the white ones have dark grey spots on their heads, and the other white one is pure white. One of the ones we're getting is one of the white ones with the grey spots, a boy, but get this: the dark grey spot on his head...is shaped like a HEART!!! Awwwwwwwwwwwwww ^_^! SO CUTE! He's going to be mine, and I'm naming him Pinkerton, after the Weezer album. And the other one we'll probably get will be my mom's and it's one of the dark grey ones. She's a girl, and she's the biggest and fattest of all the kittens. I don't know what my mom will name her. Oh, but my mom kinda took a liking to another one of the grey ones. It's the runt of the litter, and it has a big burn on its head and ears. When they were born the mom put them on a heater to keep them warm, but, yeah, that genius plan kinda backfired. But the cat is fine (as far as we know), and he's a cute lil boy. And here's the best part: if we do get him, we get to name him El Scorcho!! I thought of it, it's a Weezer song (on the album Pinkerton, coincidentally). And I was like "Mom, if we get that one, we HAVE to name him El Scorcho!!!" and (surprisingly) she said "Wow, that's so cute! And we can call him Scorch for short!". How great would that be??? It would be awesome. The only thing is that I'm afraid Scorch will have medical complications, or need to see a vet a lot, which we can't afford. That's why I'm kind of leaning toward the fat grey girl (plus she has more of a Persian type face, and I love Persian cats). Except then my mom will name her something stupid I bet. Oh well, I'm still really really excited!!! I've been telling everyone lol.

Oh yeah, Kelly came over and saw the kittens when they were over. It was so much fun! I love my Kell Kell. We had fun, we played with the kitties and watched the Weezer DVD. It was so funny, we each grabbed a kitten and brought it with us to the living room to watch the DVD, and they both climbed over to me and layed on me and deserted Kell lol. And she'd grab hers back and it would crawl back to me again lolol. So I told her to go get another one for herself and she did and it did the same thing!! Lololol it was so funny, I was cracking up!! So I was sitting there with three kittens on me, and she got ANOTHER and finally it stayed with her lol. Good times with Dorkus!

Mood:: Kittens are cute!

Music:: The Wrens ===> Song:: Hopeless

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Nevermore again will I believe the sun
Best night of my life

Music:: Athelete ===> Song:: Out Of Nowhere

Hi everyone!! Let me fill you in.

Friday night I was supposed to go see a movie with Leif, but we decided to move it to today, although I don't know if that will work out because I haven't talked to him since Friday. But anyway, instead I talked to my dad and he told me about the Folklife Festival going on in Seattle, and told me he'd take me and a friend. So I called up my bestest buddy ol' pal Kelly, and we picked her up and went and hung out there for awhile. My dad dropped us off with 20 bucks and told us to meet him at the fountain in an hour. So we went and walked around and saw the sights...which included a lot of food booths lol. But I stayed true to my diet! Mostly...I had a few samples, which are just sips, of some drinks with sugar in them, but nothing too bad. Especially considering there were desserts and good foods allll around me. I was so proud! I almost broke though, But I didn't! YAY! Anyway we walked around and it wasn't that fun at first, cause there wasn't that much interesting stuff, but it was still fun cause we had eachother's company. We met my dad after an hour and he wanted another hour to walk around, so me and Kell went in the Center House, and it turned out to be really fun! We went to the top level and looked down at middle-aged people dancing. I don't know why, but it was SO cool. They looked like they were having so much fun, and it was pretty to watch. And there was cool accordion music. And me and Kell wished we could go down there and dance but we didn't know the moves, and we thought it might be some private group thing anyway. So we stayed up top and watched, and we did our own little "white people dance moves", and just goofed around, and clapped for the people, and it was a blast! But it got time to go so we met my dad at the fountain again. And then we left and we were walking back to the car and we saw a cool record store (Easy Street, i think) and we went in while my dad got the car. Well I still had the full 20 my dad gave me, and Kell had 10 of her own, so it was time for SHOPPING! I got two CD's (used, for only 7 bucks each!):

The Rentals
Seven More Minutes

The Special Goodness
Land Air Sea

teh roxxors.

And Kell got some Nirvana unplugged thing with her money, and that took up all her money. Then I saw an Incubus poster for only TWO BUCKS and Incubus is her favo band right now, so I bought it for her. ^_^ It makes me feel nice.

Friday night was also when my mom's boyfriend Lincoln stayed the night at our house for the first time. I had already met him, but my brothers hadn't. See him and my mom have been dating for like more than six months, but she's always gone to his house. But anyway, he came while I was gone, so I didn't see him til I got home, and he was asleep lol.

Then the next morning, my mom made breakfast and Lincoln restrung my guitar for me! My brothers had broken the top string, so he fixed it up. And tuned it. And he's gonna bring me all this guitar stuff. He plays too. And piano. I've heard him on piano, and he's really good, and then he played my guitar and it was really good too, but he didn't play all that much. But yeah, he's a good guy. He's YOUNG. Only 32! My mom's like 48, I think lol. So it's a big difference, but it's cool. He likes a lot of my music, like Weezer and Ben Folds Five. I don't know how much he likes them, but he does, and he watched part of the =w= DVD with me, so he's a good guy in my book!

The only bad thing was, before he came over, my mom made us all clean the house up to perfection. Which I think is stupid, because she should show him how we really live. Which isn't that bad, we dont live in filth. But she made us make it PERFECT. Even my room. It's spotless. Ugh. Oh well, it feels kinda nice to have a clean room. I feel that way more and more as the years go on. Maybe there's hope for me after all.

But anyway, after breakfast, we went to Fred Meyers. I went next door into Hollywood Video and my mom let me pick out a game to rent, woohoo!! I had really been wanting to rent one lately, and I have Monday off of school, so it's perfect timing. I rented:

Harvest Moon, It's A Wonderful Life

teh roxxors.

I love life simulators. On this one, you own a farm and have to make it work. It doesnt sound fun, but it is. Good ol life simulators. I own two of them, and I'm thinking of getting this one. I have The Sims, and Animal Crossing. Fun fun fun!

I played it all night Saturday (last) night. Well except for a few hours or so...cause something important happened then...if you're one of my really really close friends, ask me what, and I might tell you. Don't feel offended if I don't though.

But it was something good ^_^.

Now it's Sunday, and I've been up for a couple hours (It's 3:20p), and my mom and Lincoln went back to Lincoln's. So that's why I'm online. But I think once I'm done with this entry I'm gonna go play my gamecube some more. And I think I'm done now.

Mood:: Happy :)

Music:: Maritime ===> Song:: Sleep Around

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All the times we broke R hearts to spite ourselves
WANTON!!! SOUP! (<===Dustin's phrase)
Mood:: Bery bery sneaky sir!

Talking to:: Cindy in person and the rest of my drama class!

I'm in class! w00t! We're sposed to be taking a survey, but it wont work, so I'm sufing, and writing this, even though I'm not supposed to. Hehehe I'm so bad. I don't think I have long though, so I may end this very abruptly. But if I dont have time for my ending "Mood" etc thing, then I'll add it when I get home, along with lyrics for the subject.

Cindy's on a staring contest site! Hahaha one has a staring contest...with a computer generated person...apparently they blink eventually, but Cindy can't make it that far. Haha.

Mood:: Fun

Talking to:: Same

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